WWE News: Former Superstar Accuses Finn Balor Of Not Doing Enough To Diffuse Rumors Of Beef Between Them

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Lio Rush took to Twitter earlier to squash his alleged beef with Finn Balor, while also sharing his frustrations about the NXT star. According to the recently released talent, Balor didn't deny the rumors that claimed both wrestlers had a problem with each other, even though that supposedly wasn't the case at all.

Rush was addressing the rumors of a backstage interaction between the pair last April. The rumor stated that Balor advised Rush against bringing his wife to rehearsals as it wouldn't go down too well with WWE chairman Vince McMahon. This allegedly caused Rush to act out and make his displeasure known to the rest of the locker room.

While the rumor appears to be false, Rush wanted to make amends with the former Universal Champion. However, he wasn't happy about the way Balor handled the situation either, and he made that clear.

"Let's nip this in the bud. I never had any beef with @FinnBalor. I texted you and told you I didn't know where this story even came from and your words exactly were "I don't want to say anything about it publicly because it would draw more attention to the situation."
The wrestler-turned-rapper went on to say that he thought he and Balor were on good terms, as their experiences had always been positive. He recalled how Balor's wife used to keep an eye on his son at WWE live events, and he assumed they were friendly with each other because of that.
Rush also stated that Balor had the power and influence to diffuse the reports, but "The Demon" never made any effort to. Rush was rumored to have upset several WWE employees during his time with the company, and it's possible Balor speaking up in a public forum would have caused some fans and pundits to take some of those stories with a pinch of salt.

Balor has since responded to Rush on his Twitter. He confirmed that he never had a problem with the former Cruiserweight Champion. He also claimed that he's always liked Rush as a person and wrestler, and encouraged the ex-superstar to call him and clear the air.

The Irish performer also stated that the only reason why he hadn't publicly addressed the rumors until now is that he doesn't concern himself with online fabrications. He added that the only reason he opened up about the matter today was to give his old colleague some peace of mind.