TaDah Foods See ‘Off-The Charts’ Success After ‘Shark Tank’ Episode, Founder Says


It took TaDah Foods nine years since its founding to gain a national presence, and now its successful Shark Tank episode has helped the company go international.

The company that makes a range of high-quality East Mediterranean products was featured on the season premiere of the show’s Season 11, leading to a $500,000 investment from KIND Founder and Executive Chairman Daniel Lubetzky, who in turn got a 25 percent stake in the company.

As TaDah Foods founder John Sorial later said in an interview with Deli Market News, the company has seen international growth since the September 2019 appearance on Shark Tank. He said success has been “off the charts” since the appearance brought the product before an audience of millions.

Sorial told the food industry news site that the company is now working on meeting the demand that came after the successful appearance, and thanks to the backing of the veteran of KIND, the healthy snack food company.

“Definitely ideating and bringing new products in the market is key for us in the near and long term,” Sorial said. “We’re working on getting our product to more and more stores because the demand and response post-Shark Tank was off the charts. People know we exist and what we stand for, and we have Daniel Lubetzky from KIND not just backing us, but partnering to take this broad and wide.”

Since the Shark Tank appearance, it has been boosted by some strong reviews from customers, who praised the high quality and innovative twist on traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

It’s been a long journey for the company’s founder. Sorial said he started the company back in 2010 after coming upon the first product by accident. The Queens native said he was working and grew hungry, so he took some falafel from the freezer and whipped up some hummus, but didn’t have any pita bread to have with it. So he took tortillas and wrapped up what he called a “falafel burrito.”

“I was eating it one-handed, typing with the other, and thought, ‘This is really, really good.’ The tortilla worked perfectly,” he shared.

Sorial decided to turn the impromptu meal into a company idea, selling the wraps under the TaDah Foods label.

The TaDah Foods website now lists a host of different products, including falafel wraps and falafel poppers. The products are now available in a number of stores as well, including Whole Foods, Kroger, and Wegmans.