The Baby Toon Has Scored Another Big Deal Since Last Year's 'Shark Tank' Appearance

Nathan Francis

The Baby Toon has been on a roll since first appearing on Shark Tank last year.

Young founder Cassidy Crowley invented a baby spoon made out of a soft, flexible FDA-grade silicone so it can be easier on the often-sore gums of babies who are teething -- even doubling as a teething toy. Her pitch to the Shark Tank investors was a hit, as was her personal story and the passion she showed for the product, leading to a $50,000 investment from Lori Greiner and a rush of attention from fans of the show.

It has been a long journey for Baby Toon, a product that Cassidy first invented in elementary school and brought to the ABC reality show when she was 10. As Business2Community reported, Cassidy was inspired to create the product after seeing the difficulty her baby sister went through while teething. The report noted that Cassidy came up with it for a first-grade science fair, using silicone to make the first prototype of what would become a full-fledged product.

As the Shark Tank product blog noted, Cassidy then tapped some family members to help turn the idea of a baby-friendly spoon into a real product that she could bring before the Shark Tank investors.

"Cassidy's Mom and Dad helped her bring her clever idea into reality; the three of them learning about entrepreneurship, invention and manufacturing together," the entry noted. "They were determined to have the Toon manufactured in the US, so went on a 5,000-mile 'field trip' to Albany, NY, to find a manufacturer with high-quality silicone injection molding and one that was dedicated to meeting or exceeding the required standards for infant products."

The attention to quality was featured on the Shark Tank episode, and at the time many customers noted how well the product worked on their fussy babies.