Meg Turney Shows Her Two ‘Modes’ In New Collage: Sexy Lingerie Vs. Sweatpants And Ax

Meg Turney showed her 763,000 Instagram followers the two “modes” she has on Friday, July 17, in her most recent update. The cosplay model uploaded a side-by-side collage contrasting her sexy side versus her nerdy version.

Both shots were taken selfie-style in front of a full-length mirror. The one on the left showed her in a pair of ultra-casual light gray sweatpants with a drawstring. She paired with it with a black graphic T-shirt as she held a fake ax over her shoulder. The weapon featured a brown handle and silver-colored head with intricate designs that resembled the ax wielded by Kratos in the videogame series God of War. She also wore what looked to be a T-shirt wrapped around her head.

The second photo featured Turney in a black two-piece lingerie set. It included a bra with an underwire structure and lace details all around. The bra had thick straps that stretched over her shoulders. Its matching panties sat low as she exposed her tight stomach and slender waist. Turney completed her sexy look with what appeared to be a dark wig, which she styled in loose waves.

The post has garnered about 44,000 likes and more than 220 comments since going live earlier today. Her fans flocked to the comments section to laugh at the humorous collage and to share which mode they like best. Others also used the occasion to ask her questions.

“That’s a great axe. Did you make that or buy it?” one user asked.

In response, Turney wrote that she “bought a raw resin cast pull and machined it, assembled it, and painted it” herself.

“Get a woman who can do both!” replied another fan.

“How do you stay so fit? I’ve been working out for a year and eating clean however I am just can’t seem to get my waist measurements to decrease and I have little to no definition on my abs. How do you do it?” wondered a third admirer.

“[I] kinda like 2, but im into both,” added a fourth fan.

Turney recently turned heads when she posted an image of herself showcasing her derriere while posing on a float inspired by the Star Wars movie franchise, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. She wore a greenish-gray one-piece swimsuit as she posed lying on her stomach, showcasing her booty and back for her admirers. The float she was lying on resembled the famous Millennium Falcon starship that has appeared in multiple Star Wars movies.