Florida County Announces Curfew Amid Rising Coronavirus Cases

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Florida’s Broward County has announced an 11 p.m curfew, starting tonight, after a spike in coronavirus cases, reported Local 10.

The curfew was issued by County Administrator Bertha Henry. From Friday, July 17, residents will not be allowed outside between 11 p.m and 5 a.m.

The curfew will be in effect until August 1.

Those exempt from the curfew include police on duty, fire rescues and first responders, and delivery and transportation drivers. Citizens returning from or leaving to travel to their place of employment are also excused.

Residents may also walk their pets, but need to stay within 250 feet of their residence.

Restaurants will not be able to serve food from a bar counter, although they will still be permitted to operate, and facial coverings must be used when exercising at a gym.

The decision came after a press conference on the morning of July 17 by Sheriff Gregory Tony, who warned he may introduce a curfew following increases in coronavirus cases and violence at large gatherings, reported ABC News.

Tony said that a curfew was a last resort, but that there would be “no warnings.” He said he and his office would “enforce the laws” and “hold people accountable.”

“This isn’t just a matter of statistical data that’s driving us out here,” he said. “This is a call out from the community.”

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He stated the main reason for introducing a curfew is an increase in crime, particularly at large gatherings. The Sun Sentinel reported that over the last weekend, there had been four separate shooting incidents that had left seven injured and three dead.

“We see the connectivity to where, at the end of these events, shootings are occurring,” said Tony. “Even homicides.”

From July 1 through to July 6, Broward County officers received over 170 calls complaining about house parties. On July 4, records show they responded to 13 calls about excessively loud or crowded parties for the Independence Day holiday.

Local 10 reported coronavirus cases in Broward County had risen to 36,913, including a death toll of 477. This included 13 deaths announced today.

However, the numbers of coronavirus cases in Florida could contain inflated numbers, as reported by The Inquisitr.

An investigation by Robert Guaderrama of Fox 35 News alleged hospitals were over-reporting the amount of positive cases by a large amount.

“What’s strange is that it’s unclear why the negative results are not being reported. No reason was given. Are these clinics overwhelmed? We’re not sure…” Fox 35 News anchor Amy Kaufeldt tweeted.

The number of coronavirus cases in Florida has reportedly surpassed 327,000.