WWE Rumors: Long-Absent Former Champion Reportedly Returned For Latest TV Tapings

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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter‘s Dave Meltzer, by way of WrestleTalk, WWE superstar Riddick Moss returned to action for the most recent television tapings.

The former 24/7 Champion reportedly faced Humberto Carillo in a match that will air on the next episode of Main Event. Moss allegedly emerged victorious from the match. The victory suggests there is no backstage heat on the Monday Night Raw superstar, which is reportedly the case for other superstars who are currently on a long-term hiatus.

Moss hasn’t appeared on WWE television since March, which has led some fans and pundits to speculate about his future in the company. As documented by WhatCulture, there were rumors that officials had given up on the performer. However, COVID-19 concerns were reportedly the reason behind his extended absence.

Moss isn’t the only performer who opted to distance themselves from their colleagues in recent months. All talents were given permission to stay away if they didn’t want to work events during the pandemic and several performers accepted the offer. Moss has been gone for longer than most other absent superstars in a similar situation, however, leading to speculation that he wouldn’t be returning.

Moss is also coming back at a time when there have been multiple confirmed positive coronavirus cases in WWE. The affected parties include everyone from in-ring talents to backstage personnel and the situation has reportedly concerned employees.

His return will be appreciated, however, as the roster is slightly depleted as a result of the pandemic. Having an established superstar such Moss back in the fold brings the sport-entertainment company one step closer to getting back to normal.

In recent months, officials have turned to developmental talents to fill up roster spots. While this has resulted in some performers establishing themselves on the main roster, they were brought up without long-term plans in mind.

Moss, on the other hand, was already known by fans and understands how the company works. He is a fairly recent addition to Monday Night Raw in the grand scheme of things, but he was more than acquainted with the show following months of appearances.

Prior to his hiatus, Moss was getting pushed on the red brand. He picked up victories over Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, and his run with the 24/7 Championship was arguably the most memorable outside of R-Truth’s dominance of the title scene. Moss lost the title to R-Truth in his last appearance, so he might have some unfinished business with the champion now that he’s returned to action.