Sommer Ray Shows Off Her Sultry Side In A Bikini Top & Miniskirt As She Teases ‘You’re Addictive’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Sommer Ray had pulses racing with her enticing Friday Instagram post. The model uploaded a slate of 10 new photos and each one was more stunning than the last.

The 23-year-old model kept her caption simple, only providing a tease about an addiction. The group of pictures featured Sommer wearing a patterned bikini top and what appeared to be a blue snakeskin-print miniskirt. She seemed to be posing in a shallow section of a pool.

As the series of snapshots started, Sommer looked up toward the photographer, who seemed to be standing at an angle somewhat above her. She had some of her honey-blond tresses pulled away from her face and fastened into a topknot. She also wore a pair of sunglasses.

Sommer held a small handbag in one hand and had a gold bracelet on that wrist. Subsequent photos revealed she also had several rings on her fingers and was barefoot.

“Your smile is addictive you’re so cute,” one of Sommer’s followers commented.

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you’re addictive

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She wore a pale teal top that featured wavy lines in various shades of brown scattered all over. The triangle top was not particularly revealing by itself, as it offered a fairly full coverage of her chest.

However, Sommer’s chiseled abs were definitely visible in several of the pictures and her curvy backside was on display at various points, too. She kept her facial expression simple, yet she gave off a sultry vibe in nearly every shot. Toward the end of the series, her booty was beautifully highlighted by the short, wet, and clingy skirt.

“You are so pretty!!!” declared a fan.

Sommer’s 25 million followers seemed to appreciate her new series of photos, as they proved to be quite popular. Her fans have liked the upload more than 285,000 times in just one hour. Almost 1,700 comments poured in during that timeframe as well, as people clearly loved the sultry vibe she exuded.

“Girl you perfect,” a third person noted.

“Omg you’re so beautiful,” praised a fourth admirer.

In another post last week, Sommer admitted that she often has a difficult time picking just one photo to share. As a result, she frequently uploads a handful. She seemed to be dealing with a similar kind of dilemma when it came to choosing just one or two pictures to share this time as well, though it didn’t seem like her fans minded the flurry of photos hitting their feed.