Ashley Resch Bares Her Voluptuous Thighs And Killer Tattoos In Tiny White Shorts

Gorgeous fitness model Ashley Resch wowed her 914,000 followers with her most recent Instagram post on Friday morning. The Canadian beauty teased fans with a glimpse of her many tattoos and her killer physique in two photos that received over 1,000 likes in the first 20 minutes they were online.

Ashley embraced a relaxed vibe in the images. She wore a sexy, yet cozy-looking white ensemble with a cuffed neck and long sleeves. The hem of the shorts rode high on her voluptuous thighs, fully exposing her long stems. Elaborate black and gray tattoos covered every visible inch of her right leg.

It was difficult to discern if the outfit was one piece, or a matching top and bottom. The fabric had the soft, stretchy appearance of cotton and a faint vertical stripe pattern. A decorative seam ran across the front of her body, curving up around her torso and just leveling with her breasts.

Ashley's lower body was partly out of frame, but the top of one slouchy white athletic sock and the corner of a shoe were both visible, completing the monochromatic color scheme.

The model sat outside on a set of wide stone steps. She posed on one side of them, next to a wall constructed of huge slabs of stone that followed the ascending stairs behind her. The camera was level with her hips and slanted upward. The angle emphasized Ashley's bare thighs, which almost completely filled the foreground.

The focus, however, remained solely on her stunning features.

Her head was tilted slightly as she flashed a sultry gaze. Diffused natural light accentuated her high cheekbones and delicate bone structure. Her golden skin looked flawless as she seductively pouted her full, rosy lips and showcased her arched brows.

Ashley's curly blond tresses were parted off-center, spilling over both shoulders and across her bust. She rested her right elbow on her knee and crossed her forearm in front of her torso, grasping the opposing arm with her fingers. Her left hand rested atop her shin, with her fingers extended. Her manicured nails were long and painted a pale color.

Ashley's devoted Instagram fans were eager to express their adoration for the post. Many used combinations of heart and flame emoji, but some also put their feelings into words.

"A fierce lil angel," declared one fan.

"Hi princess. You have a perfect physique, you are so sexy," complimented a second follower, following the comment with kiss emoji.