Lele Pons Reveals Secret To How She Really Twerks In Colorful Sports Bra & Short Shorts

Lele Pons recently revealed her secret to twerking and shocked her Instagram fans with her unique method. She shared a funny video clip with her audience that had them in stitches. The post was an instant hit as fans raced to engage with her on her social media platform.

In her caption, the internet celebrity showed her fans how she really twerked. However, she also encouraged them to “wait for it,” which prompted her followers to watch the clip to the end.

The Venezuelan model wore a colorful sports bra that hugged her bust as she flaunted her voluptuous figure. The top showed just a hint of cleavage and bared her arms and shoulders.

Lele teamed the sports bra, which could have doubled as a crop top, with a pair of short shorts. The bottoms showed off her curvy hips and trim thighs as she performed for the camera.

The influencer styled her hair in a middle-part and allowed her blond tresses to cascade down her back and shoulders. Completing her outfit was a pair of killer black caged heels that lifted and shaped her calves.

The video started with Lele standing in front of a bed covered in light blue linen. The walls were adorned with mirrors and allowed the light to bounce around the room.


The star of the mini-production shook her butt before strutting toward the lens while lip-syncing to a catchy tune. She stood in profile, uttered a cheeky “cha-cha-cha” in time with the music, and began to twerk.

Lele had the moves down as she nonchalantly folded her arms and gyrated her booty, much to the delight of her followers. Her dance moves seemed so effortless that she even yawned while executing them.

However, it was all a matter of perception. At the end of the recording, the camera moved down to show that she was actually not responsible for the moves. Instead, her friend had been manipulating her legs to make it appear as if Lele was a champion dancer.

The 24-year-old sparked a frenzy and many fans left glowing compliments.

One admirer believed that Lele was the “sweetest and the funniest,” while another said that they “loved the end.”

“Ooh, I thought it was you,” a duped Instagram user told the YouTube star.

Many followers had sympathy for Lele’s friend, Sandra.

“It looks like it’s taking a lot out of Sandra (laughing emoji) Sandra looks tired…” they said.

Lele has a staggering following of over 41.3 million fans. They loved her latest offering, and the video has already amassed over 1.6 million likes and 21,317 comments since it went live.