Brit Manuela Hangs Out In Bed While Clad In Lingerie For Triple-Photo Update

Brit Manuela looked comfortable in her bra and panties in her latest Instagram update. The Friday morning upload consisted of three photos that sent fans’ temperatures soaring.

The first photo in the deck captured the model posed on the top of the bed. A geotag in the update indicated that the image was snapped in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Brit positioned herself on the top of a white duvet cover that had pillows to match. The headboard was constructed of white wood while the bed itself was set against a gray wall that had vines dangling from the ceiling. At the model’s back was a barn door that had a black track.

Brit sat on the edge of the bed and placed her feet directly in front of her. She leaned her weight back on her right arm. The Instagram star stretched the other across her ribs to hold a bottle of Bali Body self-tanning lotion. The model shot a seductive stare into the camera and pursed her lips slightly. The second and third images captured Brit sitting in the same spot, but her poses were somewhat altered.

Brit showed off her incredible figure in lace lingerie that boasted an off-white hue. Brit’s bra was constructed of semi-sheer material that exposed a tease of her skin underneath. The garment was adorned with lace, and its cups were slightly ruffled across the cups. The bra dipped low into her chest, which allowed Brit to show off her bronze chest. The garment had thin, charcoal-colored straps that were worn in the middle of her toned shoulders.

Brit’s bottoms were just as revealing, and their low-cut design flaunted her taut tummy and tiny waist. The front of the panties was adorned with lace, and the sides were situated on her hip bones. Each of the images shared a glimpse of her legs, which were entirely bronze thanks to the self-tanner.

Brit added a small gold necklace with a circular charm to her collar in addition to a pair of tiny hoop earrings. She styled her hair with a side-part, and her curly mane tumbled over her chest.

Fans have been very appreciative of the image so far, and it’s already earned over 20,000 likes and 670-plus comments.

“Your tan is so perfect,” one follower commented with a few heart-eyed emoji.

“How can someone be so beautiful tho,” another fan asked.

“Wow so beautiful and pretty. Your body is amazing,” a third Instagrammer wrote.

“You are the perfect specimen and your beauty grows with each passing day,” another added.