Adam Shankman Might Direct Vin Diesel In ‘The Machine’

Director Adam Shankman is currently in talks with MGM to direct the upcoming Vin Diesel flick The Machine.

The filmmaker and the action star have worked together in the past. The two previously joined up for the 2005 family comedy The Pacifier. Although the movie made a tidy sum at the box office, fans are surely hoping their reunion yields much better results this time around.

The Machine was scripted by Reno 911 veterans Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. The two also worked with Adam Shankman and Vin Diesel on The Pacifier.

The flick finds Vin Diesel tackling the role of a robotic weapon created by the Pentagon. Although he was designed to help out in combat, the project was ultimately decommissioned. Diesel’s character is later discovered by a group of kids who decide to bring him home.

The movie doesn’t sound too far removed from the action hero’s underrated 1999 animated feature The Iron Giant. Directed by Pixar’s Brad Bird, the movie found Diesel voicing an alien robot who is soon befriended by a boy. He is forced to protect the child when the government steps in to destroy what they feel is a dangerous weapon.

The Machine will serve as Adam Shankman’s first big-screen effort since Rock of Ages The Tom Cruise-fronted musical was something of a box office disappointment; the film would only generate around $38 million in receipts. The movie’s worldwide total stalled at approximately $56 million.

Despite lackluster reviews from critics, Diesel and Shankman’s previous collaboration The Pacifier did pretty well during its theatrical run. The movie grossed around $113 million when it hit theaters eight years ago. MGM is no doubt hoping to replicate that success with The Machine.

Before fans will get a lighter, more family-friendly Vin Diesel movie, the busy actor will unleash both Fast and Furious 6 and Riddick into cinemas. Both highly-anticipated movies should arrive in theaters later this year.

Are you a fan of Adam Shankman? What do you think about Vin Diesel collaborating with the filmmaker once again for The Machine?

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