Raquel Welch Marrying Nigel Lythgoe? Here's The Scoop

Raquel Welch is the latest Hollywood celebrity to have the media buzzing about the possible sound of wedding bells in the near future. It's no secret that the 73-year-old legendary actress has been dating TV mogul and long time friend Nigel Lythgoe since September, but how serious is it?

Well, friends of the couple - and inside sources - have said that even though the romantic aspect of the relationship is only a few weeks old, there is some basis for the rumors that Raquel Welch and Nigel Lythgoe will wed.

The couple were first spotted together at the pre-Emmy Awards party and have been seen out and about a number of times since. Of course, like all good Hollywood couples there's always history - and in this case, too.

Lythgoe dated Priscilla Presley, who is now dating Raquel's fourth ex-husband, Richard Palmer. Confused? We are.

Nevertheless, Raquel Welch sees it as fate. According to a close friend of the star:

"She sees all this as serendipity. She believes she and Nigel, who have known each other for years, were meant to be together all along and she is already talking about the possibility of him becoming husband number five."

The friend added: "Raquel finds Nigel fascinating and an absolute English gentleman. Even though she is almost ten years older than him, she stills looks great and Nigel is so smitten he seems to almost worship the ground she walks on."

She continued to speak about the amazing chemistry between the couple: "The chemistry between them is so strong, they are just going with it. Raquel's fully aware that age might not be on her or Nigel's side. But I haven't seen her as happy as she is with him for more years than I care to remember."

So what about the wedding plans? Well, there are none as yet, but when they do come around Raquel Welch won't need to worry about the cost. Nigel is reportedly worth over $200 million.