‘The Bold Type’: Sutton Leans Into Being Her Mother’s Daughter After Richard Leaves

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Thursday night’s episode of the television series The Bold Type saw Sutton Brady, played by Meghann Fahy, returning home to seek comfort after being left by her husband, according to a recap from TVLine.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Richard, played by Sam Page, decided to leave his wife after she revealed that she didn’t want to have children. The Season 4 finale kicked off with the heartbroken Scarlet stylist being comforted by her best friends before she decided to take an impromptu trip to see her newly sober mother. She left with the hope of finding a bit of refuge from the emotional storms linked to her marriage struggles but ended up falling back into old patterns and leaning into the similarities between herself and her mom.

When she arrived, she reconnected with an old flame, Billy Jeffries, played by Billy Magnussen. After a night of drinking, the two had sex but were discovered by Billy’s wife, who accused Sutton of being just like her mother. Later, she returned to her mother’s house to discover that she had started drinking again. She quickly grabbed her bag to return to New York, where she got drunk and declared she no longer needed her wedding ring. As the episode ended, she is seen taking a big swig of alcohol.

In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Wendy Straker Hauser shared her thoughts on Sutton’s family history of alcoholism and the possibility of reconciliation between her and Richard.

“She’s going to be challenged,” Straker Hauser said of Sutton’s struggle with alcoholism.

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“She’s going to be a little destructive before she gets back on her feet. She feels a lot of loss, and I also think she’s disappointed in her own mom. There’s this feeling of, ‘Am I my mother? Was my beautiful, amazing, perfect life a fantasy? Am I really not worthy?’”

As for whether Sutton and Richard will be able to work through their differences, Straker Hauser said she believed there is more to explore between the couple, but they may benefit from exploring themselves first.

“We love Sutton and Richard,” she said. “They haven’t hit real, huge roadblocks before. I’m hopeful that they’ll get to know themselves better, and we’ll see. I certainly don’t think the door is closed forever.”

The showrunner said if there is a fifth season of The Bold Type, viewers will see Sutton trying to navigate her childhood struggles, as well as the relationship with her mom. She said the thought of having a child triggered past trauma for the young stylist and that it would all be discussed later on.