‘State of Decay’ Gets Release Month And Trailer [Video]

State of Decay will be shambling onto the XBLA and PC sometime in June. The open world zombie game recently got a new trailer and while the developers still aren’t telling us exactly when it will be out, have at least told us what month we can expect it.

For whatever reason, zombie video games and movies and television shows are all the rage these days. Some might argue that, in particular the video game genre has been thoroughly covered in this topic.

It would be hard to argue that you are going to do much better from a story telling perspective than Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead video game. Undead Labs is looking to put their own spin on this particular genre and if they can pull off what they’ve talked about this title could be the best of a pretty good bunch.

State of Decay aims to be more than just a game where you wade into a horde of zombies and take down as many as you can as you run from one set piece to another. The open world format means that there isn’t a particular place you need to get to.

This game is focused on you actually surviving the zombie apocalypse. You will have to scavenge for food and supplies while trying to build an encampment where you can actually live out your days.

Your camp can also take on new survivors that you meet along the way and that will have special abilities that can help you based on the decisions you make.

The trailer that was just released does a good job of showing the different places you can go, the tools you can use and the scrapes you can get into. It also shows off how you can actually change up the way your world looks and feels.

Are you going to be checking out State of Decay when it finally releases?