Kayleigh McEnany Says ‘Science’ Shouldn’t ‘Stand In The Way’ Of Reopening Schools

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Thursday that Donald Trump is adamant about reopening all educational institutions in the fall. She also claimed that the data should not prevent the administration from enacting such a plan, The Daily Beast reported.

“The president has said unmistakably that he wants schools to open,” McEnany said at a White House press briefing. “And when he says open, he means open in full, kids been able to attend each and every day at their school. The science should not stand in the way of this.”

McEnany later quoted former Stanford Neuroradiology Chief Dr. Scott Atlas — who supports recommencing education — and suggested that the plan is supported by the data. Afterward, she encouraged states and localities to follow the research to successfully recommence education.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, support for the plan is growing among some public health experts. Some have expressed opposition to the real state mogul’s leadership and coronavirus knowledge but nevertheless said he is correct to push for reopening.

McEnany also pointed to other countries that have begun reopening their academic institutions and claimed that the United States could successfully do the same, per Raw Story. But as the publication noted, America’s infection rate is significantly higher than the majority of the country’s peer nations.

“The press secretary seemed to be telling Americans to pick and choose from the science the administration likes, to support the president’s goals,” the Raw Story report read.

A school bus drives down the road to pick up children before classes begin.

As reported by CNN, several educational districts across America are extending their remote classes into the fall season. Cecily Myart-Cruz, head of the United Teachers Los Angeles, released a statement calling for pushback against Trump’s “dangerous, anti-science agenda” and accused the real estate mogul of putting the lives of students and their families at risk.

Regardless of the pushback, Trump continues to push for the recommencing of schools. He said that children have more robust immune systems than adults and has pointed to Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Norway as examples of countries that have successfully reopened their classrooms amid the pandemic.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has supported the president’s push for beginning the regular school day.

“Kids need to be in school,” she said on CNN’s State of the Union. “They need to be learning.

Dr. Howard Njoo, Canada’s deputy chief public health officer, previously claimed that children are less likely to face significant dangers if they contract COVID-19. In addition, he argued that children are less effective or efficient at transmitting infectious diseases.