Ellen DeGeneres Faces A Heartbreaking Loss & Difficult Farewell

Daytime talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres took to Instagram on Thursday to share some heartbreaking news. It seems that her dog Wolf passed away, and she shared an emotional note about having to say goodbye to him.

Fans know that Ellen and her wife, Portia de Rossi, are passionate animal lovers. The social media post that the talk show host shared included a photo from her wedding day. The two women sat next to one another and Ellen kissed a white pup as she laid her hand on a dark-colored dog sitting next to her.

People noted that the white pup was Wolf -- a poodle-Maltese mix. Ellen and her wife welcomed Wolf to their family more than a decade ago, and he appeared in many posts the two women posted over the years.

In her caption, Ellen explained that they had to say goodbye to Wolf on Wednesday evening. She added that he had brought them a great deal of joy and love and she hoped he had felt the same from them.

"I loved Wolf so much. You guys were such great mamas to him," commented Andy Lassner, the executive producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

On her series, Ellen has frequently talked about how both her love for animals and the many pets they have added to their family over the years. The couple also shares pups Augie, Mrs. Wallis Browning, and Kid, along with three cats.

The couple rescued Wolf off the street after he had been severely mistreated. He had been malnourished and could not stand up properly due to this mistreatment. After a while, however, Wolf became a sweet, crazy pet that seemingly loved getting attention from everybody.

Fellow celebrities and everyday fans alike flooded the Instagram post with love after Ellen revealed Wolf's death.

"Hi Ellen, So sorry for your loss, and may his memories be a blessing!" one of her followers wrote.

"Trust me.... You are Fantastic Dog Mama's... I know the world will agree with me!!!" a fan detailed.

Over the course of about five hours, more than 1.5 million of Ellen's 91.5 million followers had hit the "like" button on this tribute to Wolf to demonstrate their support.

"There will be a new bright star in the sky tonight," someone else noted in adding their condolences on her post.

So far, it does not appear that Portia has posted anything about Wolf's death on her Instagram page.