UK Costco Selling Full Size Formula One Race Car Simulator

Neal Campbell - Author

Aug. 23 2017, Updated 1:09 a.m. ET

Let technology do whatever it can, I say. If a company can build a full-size formula one racingf car simulator that costs almost as much as a real formula one car, do it.

FMCG International has done exactly that.

FMCG developed a racing simulator that looks exactly like an actual formula one race car. It even has real Pirelli tires, an F1 steering wheel, and brakes.

What it doesn’t have is an engine. Instead it has custom-built high-end gaming PC with an Intel Core i7 processor, 5.1 surround sound, and three 23-inch flat screen monitors to fill a wishful driver’s field of vision.

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According to the FMCG website, the company has adapted a real F1 car with “realistic force feedback through the steering wheel, simulating the loading effect whilst cornering, braking and acceleration.” FMCG International has been producing high-end single seater show cars and simulators since 1986

The F1 simulator is available through Costco UK as a custom order. You can see the car and the technical specifications on Costco’s UK website, but you can just add one to the shopping basket. You have to email the company to arrange payment and to choose options.

The simulator is made to order with your choice of color, and a purchaser can expect delivery in 12-18 weeks.

Formula One race cars are made out of a single piece of material like aluminium or carbon fiber. They incorporate a single seat cockpit that adheres to rigorous technical regulations. The unique shape of formula one race cars is all about aerodynamics. They have wings that look similar to airplane wings, but serve the opposite purpose. Rather than providing lift, a formula one’s wings hold the car down on the ground.

Unlike other driving simulators, this one doesn’t have hydraulics for simulating movement. The virtual driving experience is delivered through visuals, feedback built into the steering wheel, and rumbling from a powerful subwoofer installed behind the driver seat.

The massive $140,000 price tag includes the cost of delivery, setup, and training.


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