Gabby Epstein Thrills In Fringed Top, Matching Skirt While Lamenting 2020

Australian model and Instagram star Gabby Epstein is clearly over 2020, according to the caption for her latest photo update on the platform. However, she wasn't content to just bemoan the current state of the world, as she also offered her 2.3 million followers on Instagram two sizzling pictures that prominently displayed her pleasingly diminutive frame adorned with a scanty fringed skirt-and-top combination.

"Remember simpler times," she implored her fans and admirers, referencing 2014 in particular and claiming that the worst thing that happened that year was the forced downloading of U2's album, Songs of Innocence, to Apple devices around the world.

Fans were quick to voice their approval of everything from Epstein's outfit to her incredible beauty, as well as the comical nature of her caption in the post's comments.

"Absolutely rocking this matching set," opined one commenter, adding fire emoji for emphasis.

"Haha. I never knew how that album ended up on my phone," joked another fan.

"Wow I love you," wrote a third admirer; a sentiment that was echoed throughout the comments thread.

"Your captions are the absolute best," commented a fourth fan.

Epstein's sizzling slideshow opened with a shot of her posing against a bright, white wall with a beige brick stairway behind her and pink flowers and green leaves hanging out from the wall above her. That backdrop was stunningly contrasted by a slightly sun-kissed Epstein rocking her coral-hued, fringed outfit, which left her thighs, midriff, arms and shoulders exposed.

As the picture was snapped, Epstein fired a smoldering expression at the camera's lens while tucking her blond hair behind her ears on both sides of her head.

In the second photo, Epstein was shown from head to toe as the camera pulled back to reveal the full scope of her body. Her painted toes peaked out from a pair of light brown sandals that were now visible at the bottom of the frame, along with shadows cast by the plants above her. Meanwhile, Epstein had dropped her arms to her side and had shifted her right hip outward, placing greater emphasis on her curved figure.

As with the first shot, her body was largely draped in shadow, but her tempting expression remained evident.

True to form, Epstein generated a sizable response with the update, accruing just over 14,000 likes in just an hour after posting. Furthermore, well over 100 comments were left on the post.

On July 10, The Inquisitr shared another impressive post from Epstein, one in which she showed off her seemingly flawless figure in a white top and skimpy panties.