Kate Upton Flaunts Toned Legs While Posing With Her Boxer In 'Thirsty Thursday' Photo

Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton appeared to be gearing up for the weekend early in her latest Instagram update. She shared a snap that featured her kicking back on "Thirsty Thursday" while sitting by the pool and pouring herself a glass of wine.

The celebrity appeared to be on her back porch in the photo. White columns and a short white wall were visible behind her. Several lounge chairs were arranged around the pool. A few palm trees stood tall behind the chairs, while bushes and other plants lined the wall. A set of double doors leading inside were in one corner of the porch.

Kate sat in the middle of a lounge chair that was positioned next to a pool. The cushions on the chairs looked comfortable as they were thick and covered with a striped pattern. In front of her was a large matching ottoman on which sat a plate that contained a couple of slices of pizza.

Kate looked focused as she poured herself a glass of red wine. Beside her stood her boxer, Harley, who faced the camera. Some of the animal's body was cropped out of the image, but his face and front legs were visible.

Looking comfortable and casual, the model wore an oversized green sweatshirt. Because of the way she was sitting, it was not clear if she was wearing a pair of shorts or bikini bottoms, but whatever she paired with the shirt showed off her toned legs. She also sported a pair of fluffy peach house slippers. Kate's hair was parted in the middle and styled in loose waves.

Judging from the 45,000 likes the pose generated within an hour of her sharing it, her followers loved seeing her in the candid snap.

Some of Kate's fans couldn't help but comment on her puppy, who seemed less than pleased.

Even Kate's husband, Justin Verlander, commented about the dog's sour expression.

"Harley all pissed cuz [sic] he didn't get any pizza," he wrote.

"Harley looks mad your not pouring her a glass," joked a second follower.

"Lol i don't think your dog is happy" joked a third fan.

"The dog represents how I've felt since March," a fourth comment read.

Kate seems to enjoy sharing bits of her life with her social media audience. Earlier this week, she shared a snap that featured her looking like a hot mom while she sat inside her daughter's princess tent. She rocked a log-sleeved top with the same pair of fuzzy slippers that she wore while poring her wine.