Instagram Model Brittany Renner Shows Off Her Curvy Booty In Skintight 'Fire' Outfit

Instagram star Brittany Renner showcased her curvaceous figure in a body-hugging outfit in a video clip for her latest post. She sported a revealing romper that accentuated her backside while she rapped along to a song.

The social media influencer had been quiet in recent weeks, and besides a selfie with her boyfriend, this was her first post in July. Renner was recorded in a hallway in front of a staircase with the camera pointed up. She wore her long hair straight down and parted in the middle, as she rapped the lyrics to Money Bagg Yo's "Said Sum."

Renner wore a skintight off-shoulder romper bodysuit that was black with flame graphics. The outfit was strapless, and the short bottoms wrapped tightly around her frame. This offered fans a clear view of her toned legs and enviable booty.

The 28-year-old started the video with her body turned sideways to the lens and she adjusted the top of her romper while mouthing lyrics to the song. This angle gave viewers an eyeful. Renner slowly turned around and faced the camera as she reached her arms back to grab her hair.

The Judge This Cover author rocked her hips back and forth, and then jutted her left hip out. The model leaned her face closer to the lens as she grabbed her hip and flipped her hair. Renner then flashed a sultry glare at the camera just as the video ended on an emphatic lyric in the track.

In the caption, the influencer tagged Fashion Nova, and included a description of the ensemble. She uploaded the footage on Thursday afternoon for her 5 million Instagram followers. Many of them quickly found their way to the fiery post, as it received over 107,000 "likes" in just over an hour after going live.

Renner's post also received over 930 comments in that short time. The model's replies were flooded with fire and heart-eye emoji, and her boyfriend, NBA player P.J. Washington, left a series of "look" emoji.

"I love your attitude," one fan commented alongside several heart-eye emoji.

"I have this same fit. It hits different on you shawwwty," a follower responded.

"Oh lawd," an admirer replied.

"WHOLE LOAF NO BREAD CRUMB," a fan wrote in reference to the song's lyrics.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last month Renner scintillated fans in a different bodysuit. She wore a gray romper for that clip where she rapped along to Nicki Minaj's verse on "Trollz." That post earned nearly 260,000 likes from her loyal fans.