'The Challenge' Host TJ Lavin Reveals Producers Let Him In On A Secret During Final

Warning: This article reveals the winners of The Challenge: Total Madness.

The Challenge: Total Madness has finally concluded with Jenny West and Johnny Bananas being crowned the winners of Season 35. Something not uncommon with the final is players either quitting or being disqualified due to injury. Both happened in last night's episode as Melissa Reeves called it quits because she felt she couldn't physically compete with the rest of the women, and Bayleigh Dayton left with some form of a knee injury.

Longtime host TJ Lavin is notorious for hating quitters on the show, but viewers noticed he took things rather easily on Melissa after she admitted she was leaving on her own accord. Most fans knew that Melissa was pregnant this entire season as she was documenting her pregnancy on social media in real-time, but the reality star admitted she had no idea she was expecting when she signed up for the show and began filming.

Her co-stars and TJ had no idea either. After the finale aired, TJ addressed a fan on Twitter who questioned why he took it so easy on Melissa when she quit.

After the Twitter user noted that TJ let Melissa off easy, he revealed that production let him know something, without actually spilling the beans.

"The producer didn't tell me why but said DONT go in on her please so I didn't! She's a bada** though. Wow. Right?" he commented.

TJ Lavin attends the MMA Awards in 2014.
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

Melissa also noted on Instagram last night that she chose to name her daughter Vienna because it wasn't until the final that she suspected something was up with her body.

"It was at the top of that mountain in Austria when I first realized I may be pregnant," she wrote.

She likely informed the producers, so they let TJ know to go easy on the British reality star when she made her announcement on top of the mountain that dark, cold night.

Winner Jenny commented under her co-star's post, admitting she never put two and two together.

"Awwww Mel! wow such a special little moment for you and Vienna... I had no idea that was the connection! Of course!!"
Nevertheless, TJ still hates quitters, so no future Challenger should think they'll get off easy from the BMX star should they decide to quit. The host recently noted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly the reason it irks him so much is because thousands of people would give anything for a spot on the show, and if someone is willing to give up, they never should have signed up in the first place.

TJ is set to return as the host for Season 36.