‘The Newsroom’ Returns To HBO On July 14

The Newsroom, the HBO drama that depicts a journalist who goes from softball questions to hard hitting provocateur after suffering a bit of a breakdown is returning for a second season. The debut of season two has been pushed back a bit, from its original June launch to July 14.

The Aaron Sorkin project got off to a bit of a bumpy start in its first season last year but apparently picked up steam and audience members as it went along. Season one’s August 26 finale hit an audience number of 2.3 million viewers which was a record for the show.

The Newsroom stars Jeff Bridges as popular newsman Will McAvoy. The show introduces us to McAvoy as someone who is a moderate Republican who goes out of his way not to anger anyone. At Q&A event on a college campus, McAvoy finally gets sick of the toxic atmosphere of politics, as well as those who are totally fine with lying to advance their point.

McAvoy reboots his news program to become a much more hard hitting version of what he feels journalism used to be. His boss, played by Sam Waterston is fully supportive, while the owner of the news network, played by Jane Fonda is whole heartedly against the change.

Things become more difficult when an old flame, played by Emily Mortimer is brought back as the executive producer of the program. Alison Pill, Dev Patel and Olivia Munn are also regulars on the show.

Season two is expected to revolve around the the 2012 presidential election and will bring in Constance Zimmer to play a press secretary for the Mitt Romney campaign. Also joining the cast will be Patton Oswalt and Meryl Streep’s daughter Grace Gummer.

Oswalt will play a top executive at the network and Gummer is playing a new reporter named Hallie Shea. Marcia Gay Harden has also been added to the cast as a corporate attorney who must defend McAvoy against a wrongful termination suit.

When The Newsroom returns on July 14 will you be watching?