Sofia Vergara Goes Topless & Poses With Chihuahua In Sexy Throwback Photo

Sofia Vergara took a trip down memory lane with her latest Instagram update. The actress posted a photo that was from a photo shoot she did with Vanity Fair. The snapshot featured her going topless while she posed on a lounge chair with her chihuahua.

The actress was lying on her belly, which was situated in what appeared to be in a yard with lush green grass. Bushes lined the back of the yard and a few palm trees stood tall in a back corner. Part of a mountain range was also visible in the distance. It appeared to be a gorgeous day, as the sky was clear with a few wispy clouds wafting overhead.

Sofia flaunted her incredible body by wearing only a pair of tight white shorts. The bottoms of the shorts were a bit cheeky, giving her fans a little peek at her booty. Her flawless skin glowed in the outside light, while her large, sparkling wedding ring added some bling to her sexy look.

The 48-year-old was positioned on the chair backward with her feet at its head, which was slightly elevated. She bent her knees and waved her feet in the air. Sofia rested on one forearm while she rested her cheek on her other hand. The pose allowed her to show off her slender midsection and toned arms as well as her sideboob. Her toned legs were also prominent in the snap. She wore a huge smile while she looked down. Her long dark tresses fell in big waves off to one side as a section of her bangs blew in the wind.

As an added bonus, Sofia's Chihuahua also made an appearance in the photo. The puppy sat in the small of the actress's back and looked at the camera with its paws seemingly wrapped around her waist.

The post was a smash hit, with more than 170,000 of her followers hitting the "like" button within an hour of it being shared on her Instagram account.

Thousands of followers flocked to the comments section to rave over the picture.

"Maybe the most vibrant human being I have ever laid my eyes on," one admirer wrote.

"Gives new meaning to the phrase 'Lucky Dog,'" a second Instagram user commented.

"you're are so incredibly beautiful," a third fan replied.

"wow how beautiful, wonderful," a fourth comment read.

Sofia seems to love spending time with her dogs. Not too long ago, she shared a series of photos that saw her wearing an off-the-shoulder dress while spending some time with her four-legged friends in the park.