Bri Teresi Teases In Steamy Black & White Spread, Asks ‘Wanna Sip?’

Model, Guess girl and social media star Bri Teresi teased her million-plus followers on Instagram with her most recent update on the platform, which included a slideshow of black-and-white photos that managed to tempt despite the absence of a skimpy bikini.

The provocative pictorial, which appeared on Teresi’s popular feed on July 16, showed the 25-year-old playing with a hose while sporting tight, check-patterned pants that hugged her hips and a slightly scanty halter top to match. She asked her admirers if they wanted to take a sip in the accompanying caption and also tagged Guess as the maker of her sexy outfit.

The first snap of the spread featured Teresi clutching the end of the hose with one hand while she grasped her wavy blond hair with the other. With the cameraman shooting from the side, she leaned in toward the spurting water with her mouth agape, as if to take a big gulp.

Teresi’s sinuous midsection was left bare beneath her halter top, allowing for a prominent display of her toned abdominal muscles. Meanwhile, a hint of cleavage was visible just above the garment.

In the second shot, the photographer had moved back to capture a wider view of the bombshell, revealing that she was standing barefoot on a narrow walkway as she posed. This time, Teresi was captured holding the end of the hose with both hands, with her thumbs partially blocking its opening. As a result, water sprayed out powerfully with a sizable blast, creating a muddy puddle just before her.

Teresi appeared to laugh impishly as she sprayed water all over the yard. All the while, the full scope of her trim, surprisingly curvaceous frame was visible in the shot.

Fans were quick to show their approval for the FHM and GQ alum, double-tapping her post to the tune of thousands of likes. Over 100 comments had also been left as of this writing.

“Yes please!” one fan answered. “Meow baby indeed!”

“Spectacular beauty,” wrote another admirer.

“That’s my baby. You are so hot baby. Love your nice stomach,” commented a third exuberant follower.

Although Teresi opted to pose in pants and a reasonable top in this update, she’s no stranger to scandalously skimpy bikinis, either. As shared by The Inquisitr less than 24 hours before her most recent post, she managed to bring the heat on Instagram in a barely there crochet bikini while wearing cowboy boots and flaunting her country sensibilities, in addition to her killer curves.