'Jeopardy!' Host Alex Trebek Shares Cancer Battle Update: 'I'm Feeling Great'

Stacy Carey

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek is opening up about how his battle against pancreatic cancer is going. The game show host shared a video via the series' Twitter page on Thursday to detail some updates with fans, and he added a few tidbits about the state of his health, too.

Trebek first revealed his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis in March 2019. That type of diagnosis typically comes with grim survival statistics. However, Trebek insisted that he was going to fight hard to beat it. So far, he has been quite successful.

Fans have noticed that Trebek has looked quite different in recent months as he has fought this battle. Not long ago, he appeared rather frail when he was photographed near his home. In this new clip, however, he seemed to be doing well. He again looked quite different from what many people are used to seeing, but not in a bad way this time.

"Only Alex could grow a quarantine beard and make it look like a boss," one person tweeted.

In his video, Trebek sported a white beard and mentioned that he often does that during taping breaks. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, he has not been in the studio, but he explained that he hopes that changes soon.

While waiting for the time when he could return to the studio to tape new Jeopardy! episodes, Trebek said he had been recording opening segments at home. Soon, he said, iconic reruns of the series would begin to air. He said that for the first time ever, they would air some episodes that hadn't been previously revisited, including the first one he ever hosted.

The treatments were paying off, Trebek said. Unfortunately, as a result, they were also rather exhausting. His numbers have been good, and he has been feeling great, seemingly well enough to even put together a new book that will be released soon.

"Omg! He looks great! This makes me happy. I hope he's feeling half as good as he looks. Love him and can't wait to see him back in the studio," another fan tweeted.

In closing, Trebek urged everybody to stay safe, and he reiterated that he hoped to be recording new episodes of Jeopardy! again soon.

The update generated a lot of love from Trebek's supporters. Within a couple of hours, the post had been liked more than 6,500 times and shared more than 1,400 times. Fans are clearly rooting for him to conquer this cancer, and so far, he is certainly defying the odds.