Kelly Ripa Says She'll Only Return To 'Live' Studio If She Can Do Show Without Pants 'Or Bottoms Of Any Kind'

Kelly Ripa says she'll only return to the New York studio of her morning talk show if she can do it pants-free. The Live With Kelly and Ryan host made the surprising demand during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ripa, who has been filming from a remote location since March, told Kimmel's guest host Sebastian Maniscalco that she has been enjoying dressing down for her tapings and teased that she rarely wears anything down under.

When talking about the potential timeline to go back to an actual studio alongside co-host Ryan Seacrest, Kelly joked that some construction may need to be done before she'll return.

"I'm not coming back if I have to wear pants or bottoms of any kind," the 49-year-old talk show queen said. "I like this from the waist up thing that we're doing. So I think we should build a studio where you can't see what we're wearing from the waist down. That's the only way I'm coming back."

Kelly, who also dished that she's been on an "all-carbohydrate diet" during the pandemic, added that there is buzz that the duo will return in less than two months.

"One of the things we like most is the interaction we get to have," Seacrest said of his dynamic with Kelly. "We have plenty of conversations before the show and on the show. As of now, they're telling us September that we'd be back in studio in some way."

Kelly has been entertaining fans for months with her at-home fashion and makeup tricks. With her usual hair, makeup, and wardrobe team unavailable, the host has admitted to raiding her teen daughter Lola's closet for outfits. She has worn workout gear and used self-tanner for makeup. Kelly also let her greys grow in and once appeared on camera with a hair clip mistakenly still in her hair.

Kelly certainly isn't the only television personality who's gone pantless while broadcasting from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Upcoming Bachelor star Matt James reportedly did his first TV interview without wearing pants. While appearing on Good Morning America to discuss his historic role as the first Black star of The Bachelor, James wore a salmon blazer and blue shirt. But from the waist down, he was only in underwear. The hilarious wardrobe stunt was captured by James' bestie, Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron, per Us Weekly. Viewers were none the wiser until Cameron pointed it out.

Additionally, ABC News correspondent Will Reeve, the son of late Superman star Christoper Reeve, forgot his pants when delivering an at-home news report in April, and viewers caught it when his camera panned a bit too low.