Orlando Bloom Says His Dog Mighty Is Missing, Offers Reward To Anyone Who Can Help Find Him

On Wednesday, Orlando Bloom revealed that his dog Mighty went missing in an Instagram post, People reported. Bloom said his beloved pet was last seen in Montecito, California.

He offered a reward to anyone that was able to provide him with legitimate information that would lead to Mighty's whereabouts. According to the Carnival Row star, Mighty is microchipped and also has a contact number on his collar, so the pup could easily be traced back to the actor if anyone found him. Bloom concluded his caption by requesting that people only come forward if they had real information, as any false leads would "add insult to injury."

The actor shared four adorable photos of the pup in the Instagram upload.

Bloom has a very devoted fanbase and over 4.1 million Instagram followers. In less than a day, his post racked up more than 207,900 likes and over 4,200 comments. The majority of the comments were from friends and fans who sent their love to the star, hoping Mighty would be returned to him safe and sound very soon.

Several commenters from the Montecito area promised they would keep an eye out for the pooch and take him to the vet or police station if they found him so he could be reunited with his owner.

"Oh man. I just shared. I'm praying he'll turn up. This is devastating. I'm so sorry," wrote actress and famous dog groomer Jess Rona.

"Oh I'm so so sorry, I can't imagine the pain you're going through. Mighty must and will be found!!" said Danish supermodel Helena Christensen.

Fellow famous pet lover, Kate Beckinsale, also liked Bloom's Instagram update.

Even fans not local to California responded to the actor's post to wish him luck finding the pooch.

"Omg, I'm so sad. I live in the other part of the world, I can't help, but I will hope with all of my heart that he will be home safe very very soon," contributed one user.

According to People, Bloom got Mighty back in 2017 during a brief separation from his current fiancée, Katy Perry. The couple is expecting their first child together soon.

The article also indicated that the couple has another pup, a teacup poodle named Nugget, who looks somewhat similar to Mighty. Some fans mistakenly thought Nugget was missing after seeing the update on Bloom's feed.

Sadly, Perry and Bloom have not had an easy time with pets as of late. As the publication noted, the "Fireworks" singer recently lost her cat, Kitty Purry. The 35-year-old star revealed that Purry had gone to "catnip heaven" in April.