Fitness Model Stephanie Sanzo Shows Off Sculpted Lower Half In White Leggings For New Instagram Video

Fitness model Stephanie Sanzo added a new workout video to her large Instagram collection on Thursday, July 16, in which she demonstrated a warm-up routine for her 1.9 million followers.

For the workout, the fitness trainer wore a pink sleeveless top with a raised collar and strips of black around the outside of the top and through the chest. A zipper down the chest was left partially open at the base of the model's throat. The top contoured to Stephanie's toned abs and left her sculpted arms exposed. The model paired the top with white leggings that rose to just over her belly button and left a small strip of midsection on display. The pants clung to Stephanie's toned hips, backside, and legs.

Stephanie chose a pair of white sneakers for footwear and accessorized with a black exercise watch. She pulled her brunette tresses back into a low ponytail that showed off her blond highlights. The model also appeared to have made up her face with eye makeup and lipgloss.

The workout took place at a gym where Stephanie made use of a gray exercise mat, blue foam roller, green resistance band, and a set of black dumbbells. The routine included six exercises, each featured in a separate video clip in the post.

The first exercise in the workout was the T spine rotation, using the foam roller. Stephanie followed the spine rotations with the cat-dog, a move carried out from all fours on the floor. The third exercise was band dislocations. Stephanie held the resistance band taut between her arms and brought it up over her head to her upper back and back to the front, repeating the move. She followed the band dislocations with band pulldown aparts, using the same resistance band.

The fifth exercise was external rotations with the dumbbell. Stephanie sat on the floor with one leg bent in front of her and the opposite arm supporting her weight behind her body. She rested the elbow of the other arm on the bent knee and moved it in a hinge motion while securing the dumbbell. The final exercise was the dumbbell six-way lateral raise. Stephanie held a dumbbell in each hand and performed the exercise standing.

In the caption of the post, the model explained that the workout could be used as a warm-up for an upper-body workout or as a separate routine to improve mobility and recovery.

The post earned a few thousand likes and several dozen comments within the first half-hour.