Pamela Alexandra Wears Skintight Dress That Clings To Her Curves & Teases A Bit Of Cleavage

Fitness model Pamela Alexandra posted a new video to social media site Instagram on Wednesday that featured her in a skintight, racy dress.

The model stunned in a brown dress that included long sleeves and extended to the floor. The neckline was cut low, showing off Pamela's ample cleavage while the rest of the material clung to her curves. The dress outlined her narrow waist and wide hips, contouring to the shape of her enviable booty. Pamela wore her blond hair straightened and cut to shoulder length, framing her face from a part down the middle of her scalp. She also appeared to have made up her face with black mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and pink lipstick. The model accessorized with a couple of gold necklaces.

The video clip appeared to have been filmed in a hotel room next to a curtained window. A large mirror could be seen on the back wall. Pamela propped her phone on a surface positioned at leg level to film the short clip. She was captured from the knees up.

Pamela began the video with her arm extended to press the record button and her chest occupying the majority of the camera's frame, giving viewers an eyeful of her cleavage. As she stepped back and turned her body to the side, the model told her followers that she wanted to show them something. She spread her arms to the side and twisted her body a bit to show off her angles.

Pamela jumped around, twirling from front to back and flaunting her busty chest and backside as she jiggled her body. She commented that she loved the dress and made a few more adjustments, pulling at the material and spinning around again. Pamela shot a huge smile toward the camera as she bent down to turn it off.

In the caption of the video, the Brazilian native joked that she now has to remake the video as she's gained about 15 to 20 more pounds on her hips from the coronavirus quarantine. Pamela added a string of food emoji to make her point.

The video earned nearly 55,000 likes and over 2,500 comments from adoring fans who love the model's posts.

"Looks wonderful from here," one Instagram user wrote in the comments section, adding a red heart for emphasis.

"Oh my god... there is such a thing as perfection," another follower commented.

"You really are gorgeous the way you are, whether it be in this video or the remake. I look forward to it either way!" one more supportive fan chimed in.