Meg Turney Flaunts Curvy Booty While Posing On 'Star Wars'-Themed Float

Cosplay model Meg Turney took to Instagram on Wednesday night to share her first new post in nearly a week — a photo of herself showcasing her derriere while posing on a float inspired by the Star Wars movie franchise.

The picture appeared to have been taken in the daytime while Meg was lounging in a swimming pool. She wore a greenish-gray one-piece swimsuit and was photographed while lying on her stomach — a pose that allowed her to showcase her round booty and toned back, as well as her bare arms and shoulders. Quite notably, the float she was lying on closely resembled the iconic Millennium Falcon starship that has appeared in multiple Star Wars movies since the first film premiered in 1977.

Due to the angle in which she was snapped, it was hard to tell how the rest of Meg's swimsuit looked like. Likewise, only a small part of her face was visible in the shot, though it was clear that she had worn her reddish-brown hair in a top knot. Nonetheless, her caption suggested that she a lot of fun during the shoot, which had apparently taken place on the same day that she posted the photo.

As noted by the cosplayer, it was highly likely that she had enjoyed posing on the Millennium Falcon-shaped float so much that she might have paid further tribute to the ship by imitating the sound of its engine thrusters and singing the main theme from Star Wars.

In the first five hours since Meg shared the snap on Instagram, it has gotten more than 32,000 likes. While it looks like the model limited comments on the photo, close to 150 of her followers took to the comments section to share their love for her, with many of them dropping a few Star Wars references along the way.

"She made the long distance pool float in 5 parsecs lol," quipped one follower.

"The force is strong with this one sorry i couldn't resist. Looks like fun an relaxing on a hot summer day sweet," read a second comment.

"But who did the Chewie sound effects?" a third person inquired.

"Ok, so we need Star Wars but with more [peach emoji] ….oh, you've come with mock ups?" a fourth fan remarked, punctuating their reply with a pair of fire emoji.

Prior to Wednesday's post, Meg's last Instagram update was on Thursday, July 9, when she shared a black-and-white throwback shot that featured her posing in a revealing bra-and-panties set. So far, that snap has gotten 33,000 likes from the time of posting.