Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan Flaunts Gym-Honed Figure In New Full Body Workout

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan took to popular social media platform Instagram on Wednesday, July 15, to post a new workout video entitled "Body Blast."

The routine appeared to take place on the rooftop of a parking garage. Ashleigh wore an outfit from her personal activewear collection -- NVGTN -- that included a sports bra and spandex shorts. The bra featured double straps on either side and a slightly cropped cut, showing off plenty of skin along the model's upper back, shoulders, and arms. The blue shorts included a wide waistband and extended to the tops of Ashleigh's thighs, hugging her curvy hips and booty. Viewers also got an eyeful of her muscular legs.

The model chose a pair of white sneakers for footwear and accessorized with large reflective sunglasses. She pulled her long, blond tresses back into a low ponytail to keep her hair from falling in her face during her workout and appeared to have added a touch of pink gloss to her lips.

The circuit included four exercises designed to work the entire body. Ashleigh did not use any equipment and relied solely on body weight for resistance. Each exercise was featured in an individual video clip.

The first exercise in the routine was the reverse lunge with hop. Ashleigh moved quickly through the transition from lunge to hop, making sure to maintain good form through both moves. The second exercise was the side jump squat. The model lowered her body into a deep squat and then sprung upward, hopping to one side to complete another squat and then repeating the move.

In the third video, Ashleigh performed a round of squat boxing. As she came out of each squat, Ashleigh punched one arm across her body, alternating sides each time. The final exercise in the workout was the plank bodyweight row. Positioning her body in a plank, Ashleigh pulled one arm up toward her chest and held the position for a few seconds before switching sides.

In the caption of the post, Ashleigh told her followers that early-morning workouts make her feel happy and motivated, especially when taking in some natural vitamin D. She instructed her followers to complete the exercises as a circuit or add them as a finisher to a different workout.

The Body Blast workout earned nearly 35,000 likes and more than 250 comments within the first day.

"Yes! Love a good intense workout," one Instagram user wrote in the comments section of the post.