Vicky Aisha Exposes Major Cleavage, Tugs On Her Bikini Top In Saucy Instagram Update

Curvy bombshell Vicky Aisha put her tremendous cleavage on full display in her latest Instagram upload, sharing a saucy bikini pic wherein she was tugging on her top. The Australian hottie was clad in a revealing two-piece swimsuit that exposed much of her buxom assets, further teasing fans as she pulled down on the tiny string bridging the small triangular cups.

The steamy photo showed Vicky sitting on a couch and was closely cropped to her hourglass frame. The image flashed a glimpse of her strong thighs, while maintaining the focus on her midriff and shapely chest. The busty model gave off sultry vibes as she tilted her head to the side, staring directly into the camera with an intense gaze and provocatively parted lips. Her colorful, pink-and-blue bathing suit emphasized her all-over glow, drawing attention to her tan.

While fans got a good look at her bikini top, the seated pose concealed the bottoms almost entirely. All that was visible in the shot were the thin side straps, which were pulled high on her hip bones, accentuating her waist. The strings tied on both sides with coquettish bows that dangled down her curves, luring the eye toward her round hips.

Her gorgeous tattoo collection was also put on show for her followers to admire. Aside from her intricate sleeve ink, which was fully showcased, the skimpy swimwear revealed her thigh and chest tats as well.

The fair-haired beauty opted for a face full of makeup in the shot, rocking an elegant glam that seemed to include eyeliner, mascara, and highlighter on the inner corners of her eyes. She wore a glossy shade on her lips and had well-groomed, arched eyebrows. She styled her golden mane with a side part, letting her locks frame her face as they brushed over her shoulders. Her brown roots showed through and transitioned into blond, giving her tresses a slight ombre look.

In her caption, Vicky asked fans what the weather was like in their region of the globe, reeling in an enthusiastic response from her admirers.

"Hot and humid. But not as hot as you are!!" quipped one person, echoing the replies of many of her followers.

Shared to Instagram on Wednesday, the post received a lot of attention, garnering more than 39,700 likes and 680-plus messages overnight. Fellow models flocked to the comments section as well, showering Vicky with praise for the scorching look.

"Stunning," wrote tattooed beauty Valerie Cossette, who added a two-hearts emoji.

"Beautiful babe," chimed in Erika Gray.

"Babeee," penned Bang Energy babe Eriana Blanco, leaving a pair of fire emoji for the sizzling blonde.

Vicky originally gave fans a peek at the string bikini in a post shared the previous day. That photo showed the 28-year-old flaunting her curvaceous posterior while lounging on the same couch, as reported by The Inquisitr.