Heidi Klum Flaunts Abs And Exposes Thong In Sweaty Workout Photo

Heidi Klum shared a snapshot of her sensational supermodel figure with her 7.5 million Instagram followers on Wednesday. In the outdoor photo, she was working out in revealing athletic attire that included partially exposed undergarments.

Heidi, 47, was standing outside on a tiled patio in front of a wall of mirrored glass. An array of bushes and flowering plants were visible in the background, along with a large decorative vase and patio furniture. She was standing near a piece of exercise equipment, but she wasn't using it. Instead, she was working out with a pair of large dumbbells with a shiny chrome finish.

The America's Got Talent star held the dumbbells up above her shoulders with her palms facing inward. She didn't reveal which upper-body exercise she was doing, but the positioning of her arms showcased her strong biceps.

Heidi wore a black racerback sports bra that didn't hide her ample assets. Instead, the figure-flattering garment showed off her curvy chest. She coupled the smooth, seamless top with a pair of black workout leggings that clung to her shapely legs and pert posterior. The model had the waist pulled down low so that the stretchy sides of her black thong underwear were peeking out over the top.

Heidi wore her blond locks pulled back in a low bun. Her hair looked wet, as if she'd been working up a sweat.

The Project Runway star's snapshot looked like it was taken in the morning or evening hours, and the natural light from the low sun was highlighting her washboard stomach. It also made the layer of sweat covering her flawless skin glisten. The mirror behind her provided a view of her toned body from a different angle.

Heidi didn't appear to have on any makeup, and her eyes were closed. She looked focused and meditative.

Heidi only included three words in the caption of her post. She seemed to suggest that exercise is good not just for the body, but for the mind and soul as well. The supermodel had the comments on her post disabled, but her fans were still able to show her photo some love using the like button. Thus far, they have rewarded her image with over 114,000 likes.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kelly Clarkson recently revealed that she's also a big fan of Heidi's physique. While the talk show host was chatting with Heidi about her COVID-19 scare, she mentioned one of the model's previous Instagram photos that showed her getting her hair dyed while rocking a face mask and black lingerie. After showing viewers the photo, Kelly quipped that she would walk around a grocery store naked if she looked like Heidi.