Yovanna Ventura Poses in Cropped White Tank Top As She Asks Her Followers If She Should Move To Los Angeles

Instagram model Yovanna Ventura asked her 5.3 million followers if she should move to Los Angeles in her recent update. The beauty, who currently resides in Florida according to The Famous People, wore a tank top and fiery red pants in the snaps.

Yovanna wore a white tank top that was cropped and showed off her flat stomach in the series of artistically grainy shots. She paired this with bright red loose-fitting pants and white high-heeled mules.

Around her narrow waist was a delicate gold chain. She also wore chains around her neck and completed the look with a white purse.

The celebrity's long dark locks were styled in soft waves that were parted down the middle. In the first picture, it appeared that a gentle breeze was blowing her tresses as they billowed to one side of her beautiful face.

Yovanna appeared to be wearing dark mascara and eyeliner as well as neutral shades of eyeshadow that both complemented her skin tone as well as what she was wearing. On her lips, she seemed to have selected a shade of glossy pink lipstick.

In the three images, Yovanna was shown on a street that was lined with enormous palm trees. The sun shone down on her as she posed. The first two snaps captured Yovanna standing. However, the final shot saw her sitting on the curb, her legs spread as she rested her elbows on her knees.

As soon as Yovanna posted the images, her followers were quick to respond. Within two hours, the set had garnered more than 41,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

"Wow who's this queen??? So dam beautiful," one user queried.

"It's already hot Yoventura don't make it even more hot," another follower teased, adding a long string of emoji for further emphasis.

Many of her fans also used emoji to express their feelings. The most popular appeared to be the heart and heart-eyed emoji.

In addition, many users insisted that Yovanna move to L.A. However, one admirer had other ideas.

"No, move to Nebraska," they wrote in the comments section.

Another supporter pointed out that L.A. might not be the best place if the celebrity was not mentally strong.

"LA is not going to help if you've been needing to strengthen your mental health," the fan said.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Yovanna has recently been posting plenty of uplifting and inspirational posts regarding mental health during the current coronavirus pandemic.