Bri Teresi Is Country Hot In Cowboy Boots And Skimpy Bikini

Guess girl, model and self-proclaimed "Snapchat Queen" Bri Teresi approached the bikini spread from an entirely different angle with her most recent Instagram update. In the two-pic slideshow, which was uploaded on July 15, Teresi ditched the beach in favor of a setting that appealed to her country sensibilities while still managing to set Instagram ablaze with her stunning pose.

The sizzling pictorial, which was snapped by photographer Jeremy Lee, showed Teresi flaunting her curves and sculpted physique in a dry field, with wild wheat grass and weeds surrounding her. Meanwhile, the 25-year-old wore a crocheted bikini from Andi Bagus and a pair of cowboy boots to complete the country theme.

In the first photo of the slideshow, Teresi stood confidently before the camera and stared directly into its lens with a piercing gaze. As she did so, she lifted one leg and bent her knee, which displayed the side of one of her boots through the weeds in the process. Her other leg remained straight and planted to the ground; each of her hands rested on the corresponding thigh.

Furthermore, she twisted her hip to one side to add extra emphasis on her taut, yet curvy midsection.

Teresi's crocheted bikini -- which was stitched together using golden yellow material -- struggled to contain her NSFW areas. Each cup of her tiny top, as well as the strip of material that made up the brunt of her bikini bottom, was emblazoned with a crocheted daisy.

As the picture was snapped, Teresi's blond hair appeared to be windblown to her left side and the sun reflected off her shoulders.

The second photo in the series found Teresi turned slightly to her right, which provided a side view of her slender, sexy body. This time, she posed just in front of the weeds on a dirt path, revealing her impressively decorated boots in greater detail. With either her eyes closed or focused downward, Teresi cocked her head down and back while playing with the ultra-thin strings of her bikini bottom on one side.

Teresi's tempting post proved a hit with a large contingent of her 1 million followers on the platform, garnering thousands of likes while hundreds of replies were left in the post's comment thread. Her fans clearly approved of the steamy photos in the update.

"Saddle up," commented one fan, in keeping with the Western motif.

"The bikini looks amazing on u," wrote another, prompting a thankful response from Teresi.

"Like that song I want to be your cowboy you can be my cowgirl," said another admirer.

"Glowing beauty," opined a fourth fan.

As shared by The Inquisitr on July 10, Teresi similarly heated things up on the social media platform by stripping down to white Daisy Dukes for a video exposé.