Ashley Resch Rocks A Revealing White Tube Top And Black Vinyl Pants

Stunning model and Instagram celebrity Ashley Resch glammed it up in her most recent post on Wednesday evening. The series of three images received just shy of 5,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Ashley exuded a chic rocker vibe with a sophisticated edge while posing in an urban setting. She wore black vinyl pants embellished with multiple silver zippers, along with a simple white tube top. The top stretched taut across her pert round breasts, revealing her shape underneath as well as the barbells in her pierced nipples.

The shirt left the top of her bust and the alluring curve of her cleavage exposed. Her shoulders and the smooth skin of her decolletage were left bare. She accessorized with a small sparkling cross draped on a thin gold chain.

Ashley's elegant features were seemingly enhanced with expertly applied makeup. It appeared that her high cheekbones and delicate bone structure were highlighted with peach-colored blush and bronzer. Her skin looked flawless.

Her enormous blue eyes seemed to be defined with coppery shadow brushed across her lids, as well as black liner and a generous application of mascara. Her arched brows were perfectly groomed, and her full lips and perfect cupid's bow were a dark red color.

Ashley's honey blond tresses were parted off-center and fell in loose waves, just grazing her collarbone. Long manicured nails were painted white. The multiple tattoos all over her body peeked out in certain places.

In the first image, she faced the camera head-on and leaned her left upper arm against a red brick wall. The background behind her was dark and indiscernible, save for a blurry patch of light that appears to be a window.

Her head was cocked to one side and she gazed at the camera with a smoldering expression. Her hands were clasped together in front of her body.

Both Ashley and the photographer changed position in the next photo. It was a close-up shot in which Ashley raised her left arm, elbow bent, and casually draped her hand on the crown of her head. Instead of engaging with the viewer, she turned her head and looked off-camera.

The last photo captured almost all of the voluptuous model's figure. She leaned against the brick and arched her back. Light bounced off the ample curves of her shapely derriere.

Ashley's devoted Instagram fans were quick to shower her with adoring comments and emoji.

"You are gorgeous, love your facial features," gushed one fan, following the statement with several heart emoji.

"Beautiful!" raved another follower.