'RHONJ' Star Frankie Catania Says He Has A Girlfriend One Year After Taking Gia Giudice To Prom

Frankie Catania, son of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania, recently revealed that he has a new girlfriend in an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life. His mother, Dolores, recently chatted with the publication during her own exclusive interview, and Frankie stopped by to briefly chat.

"I actually do have a girlfriend. Happily in a relationship," the young adult revealed.

The news comes one year after he took Teresa Giudice's daughter Gia to her prom.

Frankie and Gia's date was filmed for the 10th season of RHONJ, and when it aired, both fans of the show and several cast members thought the two would make an adorable couple. Unfortunately, Frankie is apparently taken by someone else.

Not only does he have a girlfriend, but Gia is also off the market with a boyfriend of her own. Gia showed off her new boyfriend, Christian Carmichael, in a TikTok video shared earlier this year.

Still, Frankie assured Hollywood Life that he and Gia were still good friends and that they "get along very well."

Frankie added that she was in a relationship, and he's "happy for her."

"She's so nice too. Mom is huge fan."
Dolores previously supported the idea of her son and Teresa's daughter dating during the 10th season. Frankie later shared a photograph of the two of them on his Instagram page. Gia wore a stunning, elegant blue dress while he looked dapper in a tuxedo.Social media lit up when the episode debuted, with many RHONJ fans saying the duo would be the "hottest" couple at the prom. Others said they were completely invested in their relationship and hoped to see them together in Season 11.

Considering their mothers are very close friends, it makes sense that fans liked the idea of Gia and Frankie dating, which could bring them all closer together.

Sadly, it would appear it was not meant to be, at least not right now.

After it came out that she was off the market, Dolores spoke with Hollywood Life in March about it, saying she was present when Frankie discovered Gia was dating someone new.

"We all know how I feel about Gia, but it's not the right time," said the housewife.

She followed up by saying since Gia is in college, she needs to focus on herself and "live a life" before settling down.

"I'm not all for young relationships, and I think that when you have somebody, a very serious relationship at an age where you should be finding yourself and growing in college — which I didn't get to do — it's not the time to meet somebody unless it's your later years," Dolores added.