'The Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Slays In A Blue-And-White Bikini

Former The Bachelorette Hannah Brown looked incredible as she showed off her silly side in her latest Instagram post. Hannah shared a couple of snapshots on Wednesday that showcased herself in a bikini, and fans could not get enough of them.

In the first photo, Hannah was by herself as she stood on the beach near the ocean. She had her trademark smile on her face and her blond tresses were swept over to one side, cascading over her shoulder in loose waves.

Hannah stood barefoot in the sand with one foot slightly ahead of the other and held up a peace sign with one hand high above her head. She wore a flattering bikini with a couple of blue tones and some white accents. The ensemble showed off her tan lines and fantastic abs.

"ok but abs????" teasingly questioned one of Hannah's followers.

The second photo showed Hannah mugging with her bestie Heather Martin. Heather and Hannah got quite close to one another during their time on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, and they have clearly have remained good friends since then.

A couple of weeks ago, Hannah decided that it was time to leave her family and home in Alabama and head back to California. She first landed near San Diego to spend some time with Heather and the two shared a lot of fun updates from their reunion on Instagram.

The caption that Hannah included with these photos teased that she and Heather had a tendency to do the same goofy moves in photo after photo. Despite the repetitive nature of their posing, The Bachelorette star quipped that she was into it.

The second photo of Hannah's post showed her in the same bikini, leaning into Heather as they both held up peace signs. Hannah appeared to have gone without makeup for this session of fun on the beach and she looked incredible.

"You seriously have THE most contagious smile.." a follower wrote.

"You are glowing with happiness!" another follower shared.

"Love seeing you happy Hannah, you have the kindest heart!!" someone else praised.

Just before returning to California, Hannah opened up about the ups and downs she has navigated over the past year. She explained that being home had been good for her, but she was ready to get back out into the regular world and start the next chapter of her life.

The Bachelorette fans don't know yet what Hannah is planning to do next, but whatever it may be, she looks happy and eager to get to it.