Carrie Ann Inaba Welcomes Tyra Banks To 'Dancing with The Stars': 'The Fashion Game Just Went Way Up!'

Carrie Ann Inaba posted a cheerful welcome to new Dancing with the Stars host Tyra Banks on Instagram, but not all fans were as enthusiastic about the casting news.

Hours after it was announced that the supermodel and America's Next Top Model alum would be replacing fired DWTS host Tom Bergeron, longtime judge Carrie Ann posted a sweet note to Instagram to welcome the veteran TV star to the long-running ABC celebrity ballroom competition.

Carrie Ann shared a photo of her and Tyra to her social media page. In the photo, the two beauties were glammed up while posing at an America's Next Top Model event that took place in 2018. Tyra looked ballroom ready in the shot with a sequin blazer as she gave a pucker and a peace sign, while Carrie Ann wore a plunging pantsuit and fancy jewelry.

In the caption to the photo, Carrie Ann described Tyra as "dynamic" and a creative force of nature. The Dancing With the Stars veteran said she can't "wait" to see what Tyra will bring to the show, which debuted in 2005 and had Bergeron at the helm for 28 seasons.

Carrie Ann also said that fans should get ready for "fashion" and "fierceness" as she noted that the fashion game just went up to a new level with the addition of Tyra. The former Fly Girl also included hashtags about female empowerment and referenced Tyra's newly announced executive producer credit on Dancing With the Stars.

Unfortunately, comments to the post were overwhelmingly negative, mostly from fans were supporting Bergeron and co-host Erin Andrews after they were fired to make room for Tyra.

"Sorry but I'll pass!" one commenter wrote. "She was awful on AGT! I can't believe Tom is gone. He was the heart & soul of the show along with everyone else. I love you Carrie-Ann but I'm done with DWTS."

"Not a fan of this choice," another wrote. "Love Tyra but she can't fill Tom's shoes. Actually no one could. Why fix something that didn't need fixing??"

"DWTS needs someone quick on their feet and who can ad-lib... she's neither," another wrote of Tyra.

Others blasted Carrie Ann and the other judges for not supporting their fired former co-stars.

"Why are you judges coming back, should be supporting Tom and Erin," one viewer wrote. "Bad of ABC to turn this into a political thing, sad, sad, sad…"

Many viewers predicted the shocking casting move will mark the beginning of the end for the long-running celebrity ballroom competition,.

While Tyra will have her work cut out for her as she tries to win over longtime Dancing with the Stars fans, she seems to be up for the challenge. In an Instagram post, which can be seen here, the modeling legend said she is "excited " to be hosting and producing the "new" Dancing with the Stars.

"There's so much legacy," she wrote. "Can't wait to bring the fierce, the fun, and the SMIZE."