Ammika Harris Poses Seductively On A Bed In Matching Lingerie

Ammika Harris posted a risque set of images on Wednesday afternoon, to the delight of her 1 million Instagram followers. The gorgeous model looked fresh and elegant as she posed for what appeared to be a casual photoshoot. Over 25,000 fans hit the "like" button in the first 45 minutes after the update went online. You can view the photo collage here.

Ammika wore a matching bra-and-panty set that accentuated her killer curves. Both pieces were a light cream color with a faint vertical stripe pattern with some sheer edging. They appeared to be made from a light, silky fabric.

The top was a demi-cut underwire bra with spaghetti straps. It hugged her voluptuous breasts and emphasized her killer cleavage. The bottoms were high-waisted boy shorts which rested at the most slender part of her waist, just above her belly button. The material clung to her hips and derriere, leaving little to the imagination.

What looked to be natural lighting spilled across her smooth skin, gracefully illuminating her figure and beautiful bone structure.

In two of the images, Ammika posed on a simple bed with a white sheet. The first captured her sitting with her knees spread wide apart and her left leg folded under her body. She bent forward slightly, resting her weight on her palms with arms extended straight in front of her, causing the rounded curves of her bust to spill over her top. She raised her chin and gazed at the camera over her right shoulder.

Another image showed the model reclined across the bed on her right side. Her right arm crossed her chest and she rested her hand across her left breast, fingers outstretched. A dreamcatcher was hanging above her on the otherwise bare wall.

Ammika stood in one of the other snaps. She cocked one hip and raised her arm over her head with her elbow slightly bent and her long black hair falling seductively over one eye. The tones in the picture, as well as the graduated light against the wall behind her, indicated that she was located in the same room throughout the entire process.

The third image was the only one in which she clearly appeared to be holding her phone to take a selfie.

Ammika seemingly wore little makeup to enhance her already striking features. Her skin looked flawless, and her huge brown eyes may have been defined by light liner and mascara. Her full lips were seemingly painted with a shiny pink gloss to accentuate their shape.