‘Big Brother’ Stars Haleigh Broucher & Fessy Shafaat Split After 2 Years, Spark All-Star Casting Rumors

The 'Big Brother' 20 stars were one of three couples who found love on the CBS reality show in 2018, and the first to call it quits.

Host Julie Chen Moonves talks to the final three houseguests on BIG BROTHER on the season finale
Monty Brinton / CBS

The 'Big Brother' 20 stars were one of three couples who found love on the CBS reality show in 2018, and the first to call it quits.

Big Brother stars Haleigh Broucher and Fessy Shafaat have ended their relationship, two years after first meeting in the CBS summertime house, but some think they are already planning a reunion during the quarantined all-stars season.

In a post to Twitter, which can be seen here, Haleigh wrote that the couple has decided to “split ways” and focus on themselves.

“This was not an easy decision, and we have truly tried every possible thing we could to continue in this relationship,” the 23-year-old Texas A&M grad wrote.

Haleigh added that she and Fessy were “moving in different directions” and they knew “it was better for both of our mental healths to call it quits.” The Big Brother alum also cited the couple’s differing backgrounds, the pressures of having a distance relationship, and the stress of “online pressures” with their public romance as issues in their relationship.

Haleigh did not reveal who initiated the breakup, but in a subsequent Instagram post she gave a clue. Less than an hour after she shared the news of the split on Twitter, Haleigh posted a pair of bikini photos to Instagram.

In two stunning shots, the reality star was pictured wearing a tan bikini and sunglasses as she posed in a gazebo. The Big Brother beauty looked relaxed yet reflective as she posed for the swimsuit shots while standing on a sandy beach. She tagged Atelier Hoteles in the photos.

In the caption to the pics, Haleigh noted that she is having an “amazing” time, then reminded her followers that it’s important to say “thank you” to people who make you feel happy, and “goodbye to the ones who don’t.”

She also joked that extra margaritas might be on the menu this week to lift her spirits.

Haleigh also provided a breakup clue in a second Twitter post, seen here, where she noted that “you physically can NOT do the healing and inner work for another person. no matter how much you may want to, that part has to be done by them.”

Haleigh’s name has long been mentioned in rumored cast leaks for Big Brother’s upcoming all-star season. Her now-single status is adding fuel to the rumors, and some think Fessy could be going with her.

On Twitter, some fans accused the two of orchestrating a phony split because they are both headed to Big Brother All-Stars and don’t want to be targeted as an alliance.

“Wasn’t Haleigh one of the rumors for all-stars? Something might be going on there,” one Big Brother fan tweeted.

“The way Fessy and Haleigh are fake breaking up bc they’re both on all stars and don’t want to be targeted as a showmance omg,” another added.

The breakup announcement does appear to be sudden. It was just last week that Haleigh gushed over Fessy for his appearance on MTV’s The Challenge, where he made it to the finale as a rookie player in the highly intense reality competition show.

“So proud of my man,” the Big Brother 20 star captioned a series of sweet couples photos on July 8.

Fessy has not publicly commented on the Big Brother breakup.