Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Unicorn-Colored Tresses On Instagram

Lucille Barilla

Kelly Osbourne revealed her unicorn-colored tresses in a new Instagram share. The fashion commentator and television personality posted a new pic that not only showed off her multicolored locks but a lovely style as well. The bright color of Kelly's hair has evolved throughout the coronavirus pandemic as she was unable to get to a salon to keep up her beloved lavender hue. She decided she loved the new look and has kept it, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

In the new photo, Kelly's head is tilted to her left. She showed off her stunning facial features and an intricately braided hairstyle to her 2.1 million followers, who showed their appreciation by liking the photo 28,296 times and counting.

"You win best Quarantine Hair!! Want!" exclaimed one admirer.

"You are seriously one of my favorite celebrities - authentic, funny, and direct. All the best to you and your family," said a second Instagram user.

"Your hair is so magical," stated a third follower, who used a unicorn emoji to express their feelings.

Kelly's hair was parted down the middle and braided close to her head from her temples toward the crown. These braids were then twisted up into two buns that sat atop either side of the part, making for a striking style statement. Kelly's natural blond color was seen beneath the braids, close to the hairline. The purple faded into two colors, which included blue and pink, and may have been added extensions.

Her facial features are similar to those shared by her lovely mother, The Talk host Sharon Osbourne. Kelly's high cheekbones and alabaster skin were highlighted with a light-colored blush and contour. She lined her eyes with what appeared to be liquid black eyeliner. This was extended outward and up from the outer corners of her eyes. Lots of black mascara was added as well for a dramatic effect. Kelly appeared to use a rose-colored lipstick in her attempt to achieve a perfect pucker.

She wore a button-down black shirt in the image. A thin, gold-encircled pendant was affixed to a chain atop her collarbone. Large, thin, gold hoop earrings dangled from Kelly's ears. In a second piercing, diamond studs could be seen.

Kelly appeared to stand in an outdoor area for her selfie. A white, concrete wall held back a lush array of plantings and flowers. A green lawn was also featured in the image.