Leanna Decker Shows Off Hourglass Figure & Ripped Abs In String Bikini And Peaked Cap

Clad in a skimpy bikini, model Leanna Decker shared her trip to the beach with her Instagram followers recently. She looked smoking hot in the two-piece swimsuit that put her voluptuous hourglass figure on display. She posted two pics and they caused quite a stir among her fans who raced to view her offering.

Those who follow Leanna know that she moved to Puerto Rico last year. She regularly posts photos of her new beachy lifestyle. Since she spends so much time in the sun, and as a redheaded model, she often wears a peaked cap. In her caption, she playfully referred to her hat.

The yoga maven looked spectacular in a nut-brown string bikini. She exposed all her assets while parading on the beach. The bikini's straps tied behind her neck, while the top had a plunging neckline that put her cleavage on display.

Leanna flaunted her curvaceous hips and muscular thighs in the matching bikini bottoms. Two of her tattoos were also exposed as she spent some time in the sun.

The model's bare midriff also drew the attention of her followers. Her ripped abs and minuscule waist took center stage as she walked along the sandy shore.

The 28-year-old allowed her ginger-haired locks to fall down her back and shoulders in casual disarray. She also did not appear to be wearing any makeup or jewelry. Instead, she allowed her physique to shine in the pic.

Leanna meandered along the beach in her skimpy attire. The golden sand and blue-green waters provided a picturesque backdrop for the image. The ocean's frothy waves broke along the shore, and there was not a cloud in sight on Leanna's picture-perfect day at the beach.

In the first snap, the wind played with Leanna's hair. Some strands were blown into her face as she reached for her cap. She looked directly at the camera and smiled warmly.

In the following pic, Leanna touched her hat, as described in the caption. She appeared to be walking toward the camera.

More than 735,000 people follow Leanna on Instagram alone. She frequently updates her page with bikini posts and yoga videos and engages with her target audience. This specific image has already garnered more than 18,000 likes.

The social media star's fans flocked to view the image and left her some encouraging comments.

One follower admired Leanna's toned midsection.

"Your stomach lookin flat flat! (flame emoji)," they praised.

Another admirer loved Leanna's smile.

"Very good. (For the sake of such a smile, I would give a lot)."

A third fan cracked a joke by referring to Leanna's caption.

"Lol, next time you'll have to do a 'look for the penny pose.'"