Macaulay Culkin Sings Beach Boys With Adam Green [Video]

Macaulay Culkin is heading to Kokomo.

The former child star jumped up on stage this weekend at an Adam Green concert in England in order to treat fans to his vocal talents.

Culkin joined the band for the Beach Boys classic “Kokomo.” According to the Sun, the child star’s impromptu musical performance occurred last weekend at a small club in Bristol called Thekla.

Culkin is good friends with Green and has worked with him in the past.

The child star, most famous for the Home Alone movies, appeared in Greene’s experimental iPhone movie The Wrong Ferrari. He also sang a duet with Green at the Berlin Festival in 2010. Green and Culkin chose to do a Scorpion’s cover, “Wind of Change,” for the Berlin concert.

Culkin is best known for his acting but he has started to branch out into other mediums. His music career so far consists of impromptu Beach Boys duets but Culkin has made some headway in the art world.

Culkin turned his apartment into an art studio last year to form an art collective. In case you were wondering, the child star’s art is full of 90s references.

Here’s the video of Macaulay Culkin singing “Kokomo” with Adam Green.

Rumors circulated last year that Culkin was addicted to heroin and was inches away from death. Thankfully, the child star looks healthy and happy in the new video.

What do you think of Culkin’s singing? Do you think he’ll embark on a music career? If you need another sample, here’s the video of Macauly Culkin and Adam Green singing “Wind Of Change.”