Patrick Mahomes' Girlfriend Brittany Matthews Flaunts Her Booty In Skintight Leggings For Workout Videos

Brittany Matthews -- long-time girlfriend of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes -- flaunted her athletic figure in a series of workout videos for her latest Instagram post. In the clips, she sported a sports bra and skintight leggings that showcased her curvy backside.

The 24-year-old has shown off her defined derriere in recent posts on the social media platform, and in these videos, she gave tips on getting a sculpted lower body. She was filmed in her at-home gym doing four exercises. Matthews had her long blond hair up in a ponytail, and rocked a peach-colored tie-dye sports bra and tight black leggings.

For the first video, she was recorded from the side. The former professional soccer player had a barbell on her shoulders while she performed three-quarter squats into a full squat. This angle allowed viewers to admirer her form, along with her curvaceous booty which was accentuated with each repetition.

The fitness model performed a step-up into a squat for the next move. She was filmed from the same angle as the previous clip, and she stepped onto a workout bench holding a dumbbell and then stepped off to do a full squat. Matthews slowly bent her legs all the way down for each rep.

In the third clip, the Texas native was joined by her dog who walked around the gym while she worked out. Matthews held a dumbbell in each hand while she bent over, raised her body up and then performed a squat. She faced the lens for the final exercise. The fitness model held a dumbbell under her chin while performing single-leg squats in front of a workout bench.

Matthews included detailed instructions for the workout in her caption, and gave tips on how to do the same exercises at home and without weights. She mentioned the outfit was from Lululemon.

Many of the social media influencer's 523,000 Instagram followers noticed the post, and more than 22,000 showed their appreciation by hitting the "like" button. She had over 130 comments as fans thanked Matthews for the tips, and several left questions in the comments section.

"You are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing," one appreciative fan wrote.

"How does one smile so beautiful while being all sweaty?" an admiring follower commented.

"Do you have any suggestions for people with weaker knees from sports injuries?" one Instagram user asked.

"Do another round for me!!! Wish I was motivated," another person replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week Matthews flaunted her pert backside in a bikini while she planted a kiss on Mahomes. That upload earned over 100,000 likes.