‘Greenleaf’: AJ Picks Noah Over Grace After Shocking Reveal

Jacob Gibson attending the NAACP Theatre Awards.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Jacob Gibson’s character, AJ, is finally being released from the hospital during this week’s episode of Greenleaf, but he’s making some questionable decisions, according to a recap from TVLine.

In a previous episode of the television series, AJ tried to take his own life by cutting his wrists. He was later discovered by his mother, Grace Greenleaf — played by Merle Dandridge — who immediately rushed him to the hospital. When AJ finally allowed Grace to visit him, he told her that he tried to kill himself because he was abused in prison and had contracted HIV. He also made it clear that he did not want to talk about the issue again.

During this week’s episode, AJ’s doctor informed Grace and AJ’s father, Noah — played by Benjamin Patterson — that he was free to leave the hospital. The doctor suggested that AJ should seek professional help in a medical facility, but said it was ultimately his decision. When asked about his plans, AJ announced that he would like to go home with Noah — an announcement that shocked everyone in the room.

Later in the episode, Noah and AJ stopped by Grace’s house to collect his belongings and she pulled Noah aside to discuss her son’s treatment options. Unfortunately, AJ overheard the conversation and he was quick to lash out at this mother.

“This is why I’m not staying here,” he said. “I told you I didn’t want to talk about it again and that’s all you want to do. Just shut up about it!”

While talking to her father about the situation, Grace admitted that she understood her son’s decision but she wasn’t happy about it. In an attempt to offer a bit of comfort, her father reminded her that she also left home early but eventually returned. Grace managed to push her meddling-mother tendencies aside and made her way up to AJ’s old room to say her goodbyes. The two talked for a moment before Grace told AJ that he could return whenever he wanted to and encouraged him to see the doctor she had previously recommended.

At the end of the conversation, AJ began walking out of the room but turned back to kiss his mother goodbye. The small but sweet gesture moved Grace to tears, and “felt like a promise [that] he’d be back…someday,” the recap noted.

But despite the sweet mother-son moment, many fans are still not convinced AJ is Grace’s real son. There is a theory that AJ may have met Grace’s son in prison and switched places with him. Some fans also believe that AJ tried to kill himself because of his guilt.

This is the final season of OWN’s Greenleaf, but the network has announced an upcoming spinoff, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.