Camila Bernal Flaunts Her Curvaceous Booty In Orange Thong Bikini

Camila Bernal takes a selfie
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Instagram model Camila Bernal wowed her 1.3 million followers with her recent post. For the new images, she wore a revealing bikini, and her killer curves were certainly the center of attention.

In the set, the celebrity opted for a scorching orange bikini that hugged her fine form. The top plunged down low in the front and revealed plenty of cleavage. In addition, some sideboob was shown even though her long brown locks tumbled over one shoulder.

The bikini briefs were simply cut and sat high over her curvaceous hips. Her flat stomach and gemstone-encrusted bellybutton piercing were highlighted as a result.

Camila wore her hair unstyled and parted to one side. In the first image, her hand was lifted in front of her ear, as though about to tuck her tresses behind it.

The model appeared to be wearing dark mascara and eyeliner. Neutral shades of eye shadow further complemented her complexion. On her lips, it seemed that she had selected a dusty shade of pink lipstick.

While the first snap was taken with Camila standing front-on to the camera, the second one saw her with her back presented. This put her buns firmly on display as she glanced demurely over one shoulder.

Behind her was a perfectly manicured garden that gave the photoshoot a tropical vibe. Tall palm trees stood to one side while the other side contained low-lying shrubs. Gray pebbles were used as further decoration at the base of the greenery. The area also appeared to be on the balcony of a highrise as, in the distance, another building could be seen.

As soon as Camila posted the images, her followers were quick to respond. Within two hours, the set had gathered upward of 13,500 likes and hundreds of comments from her adoring fan base.

“You’re the most gorgeous beautiful stunning angel in the world in the universe including IG you’re a queen,” one follower gushed in the comments section.

“My all time fav,” a fan said.

“Omg you are amazing,” said another user.

“You’re so unbelievably gorgeous,” a fourth person wrote, also using several emoji for further emphasis.

Many of her followers preferred to simply comment with emoji in order to convey how they felt about the images. The most popular were the fire, heart, and heart-eyed emoji. In addition, the kissing emoji was also frequently used.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Camila showed off her bikini body in another Instagram update yesterday. This time, she used the video post option while she paraded around in a tie-dyed swimsuit.