Ashley Resch Bares Her Incredible Assets In French-Cut Mesh Bodysuit

Selfie of Ashley Resch
Ashley Resch

Canadian bombshell Ashley Resch gave her 914,000 fans a visual treat with her most recent Instagram post on Tuesday evening. The series of three images captured Ashley as she posed seductively next to the water in a sexy outfit that left little to the imagination.

The gorgeous blond bikini model wore a revealing sleeveless bodysuit constructed out of black cotton mesh over a tiny string bikini top. The legs were cut all the way to her waist, leaving her voluptuous lower body bare with the exception of the tiny triangle of fabric that rose up between the round swell of her cheeks.

Her ample bust was cupped by simple triangles of thin fabric. The side of her right breast was visible below her raised arm, casting a faint shadow that curved across her smooth skin.

Ashley stood at a three-quarter angle, with most of her backside facing towards the camera. She bent her right elbow and rested her hand on top of her head while intertwining her fingers in her hair. The positioning of her arm created a perfect frame for her beautiful visage as she turned her head to gaze just past the camera.

She wrapped her left arm around the front of her body and her outstretched fingertips softly caressed her right hip just below her bodysuit. The model flexed her muscular back into an arch, allowing her long curls to lightly graze the top of her derriere. She balanced on one straight leg and extended the other in front of her, gracefully resting the tips of her pointed toes on the damp cement below.

Simple jewelry completed the outfit. She accessorized with a thin metal chain around her neck and a bracelet constructed out of small gold squares linked together. Her long fingernails were expertly manicured and painted white. Prolific and elaborate tattoos completely covered Ashley’s right arm and leg. Most of them are indistinguishable in the photos, but she appears to have the face of a clock surrounded by roses inked on her upper right thigh.

Hundreds of Ashley’s Instagram followers were quick to compliment her amazing figure after the images were uploaded.

“Dam [sic] you look absolutely beautiful and I thought you couldn’t get any sexier,” raved one fan, mixing heart eye emoji into the comment.

“Those legs,” added a second person, emphasizing their statement with flame and heart emoji.

“Nice curves,” declared a third follower, following with a string of peach emoji.