Jane Seymour Confirms Divorce Rumors

Jane Seymour and James Keach have ended their 20-year marriage.

A rep for the actress, known for her role inDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, confirmed the split to Radar Online.

The rep said: “Jane Seymour and James Keach confirm that they are separated and have been for several months … At this time they are negotiating the terms of their divorce. They will continue their relationship as devoted parents to their children, as business associates and partners and in their joint dedication to preserving and furthering the charitable endeavors that they’ve worked on throughout their marriage.”

Keach and Seymour have been married since 1993 and have two children together. According to USA Today, this was Seymour’s fourth marriage and Keach’s third.

The exact reason for the divorce isn’t known but rumor has it that Keach has been cheating on the actress. A source told Radar Online that Keach has had a “wandering eye” for years and that Seymour suspected him of cheating.

The source said: “Jane and James have been having problems for years now, but she’s finally had with his antics and kicked him out of the house a few weeks ago … Some of her dearest friends have been warning her about James’ wandering eye and rumored infidelity, but she never wanted to believe it.

Jane Seymour’s most famous role came in the 1990s when she starred in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, but the 62-year-old actress has had a successful career far beyond her signature role. She’s appeared on shows like Law & Order and Smallville and had a memorable role in the 2005 movie Wedding Crashers.

[Image Via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]