Anllela Sagra Flaunts Killer Abs And Curvaceous Booty In Pin-Up Pose On Instagram

Columbian beauty Anllela Sagra wowed her 11.7 million Instagram fans with her most recent post on Tuesday afternoon.

The stunning fitness model and sponsored athlete posted a series of three images that garnered more than 10,000 likes in the first 15 minutes it was online. They appeared to be a follow-up to a quick video clip from last week in which she wore a tiny black bikini in the same design.

Anllela's bathing suit had small triangular cups that barely covered her voluptuous bust. The thin fabric stretched taut over her curves, exposing a hint of underboob peeking from below.

The bottom had a Brazilian cut and had straps placed high upon her hips, which gave viewers an ample view of the swell of her incredible derriere.

In the first image, Anllela reclined on her knees in a sitting position with her bottom resting on her feet and her left side facing the camera. She arched her back, seductively displaying the definition of her slender, yet muscular frame.

The model's left elbow was bent as she placed her hand above the crown of her head, just out of frame. The angle of her arm created a perfect frame for her gorgeous face as she turned and gazed at the camera over one of her shoulders.

The paleness of the side of her right breast below her bicep transitioned into a faintly visible tan line. Her other arm was in a slightly lower position as her fingers gently caressed her hair.

A very handsome -- if not completely realistic -- cheetah statue was placed directly behind Anllela. Its nose was level with the nape of her neck, giving the appearance that it might have been regally sniffing her had it been real.

In the next image, Anllela turned to face the camera head-on. Her shoulders were squared and both hands rested on her knees, which were spread wide apart.

The position activated her arm muscles, which, in turn, accentuated her delicate collarbone and the leanness of her neck, which was adorned by a gold choker constructed from small rectangular links. Below that was a clear view of her stunning cleavage and two distinctly defined rows of her impressive abs.

The last photo captured Anllela sitting cross-legged, and once again, just one side of her body was visible to the viewer. She placed both hands on her head, loosely tousling the long, dark mane that cascaded all the way down her back as she flashed a sultry look.