Heather Dubrow Opens Up About Her Daughter Max’s Coming Out, ‘I Thought The Response Was Amazing’

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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow opened up — Monday during an interview with ET about her daughter Maximillia “Max” Dubrow’s decision to come out as bisexual. The actress shared details behind her daughter’s announcement and admitted that the response has been emotional for her.

“Oh my gosh, it just makes me cry, I just loved it so much.”

Max came out as bisexual on June 30, the last day of June LBGTQ Pride Month via an Instagram post. The 16-year-old posed on the grass draped in a rainbow flag as she made the announcement.

“I always knew I was bi, I just thought it was bipolar,” Max wrote.

Heather admitted that, although her daughter had been very open about her sexuality, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star had no idea that Max was going to announce it on social media. Heather reflected on how the world just seemed to carry on after Max shared the information.

“I knew for a long time — she had discussed this with me, for a long time — but I loved how it was just like, and then it was just Tuesday, you know? And that’s just the way it should be.”

Heather received permission from her daughter before she reposted the news to her 1.5 million Instagram followers. The Dubrow Diet author said she’s happy with how it’s been received.

“I thought the response was amazing,” Heather shared.

Heather admitted that her upbringing was very “buttoned-up” and shared that her family did not often discuss things. She described Max’s announcement as so confident and free, which Heather considered the “the opposite” of how she grew up. The former reality star was thrilled to see the contrast.

“I just felt like this family and this DNA is evolving and I love it.”

Heather shared that, among all of the responses, she got an interesting phone call: she joked that her mother phoned to reprimand the actress for finding out that her granddaughter is bisexual through the media.

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Heather is married to the plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow. The two have four children, Max and her twin brother, Nicholas Dubrow, Katarina “Kat” Dubrow, 13, and Collette “Coco” Dubrow, 9. The couple has written several books together and recently announced a new television project. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Dubrows have created a new show tentatively titled The Seven Year Stitch. The show is currently in development with the E Network.